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Mobile Access - Preparing Hotels for the New Normal of Contactless Guest Service

Today’s hospitality industry has unmistakably been altered by growing concerns over health risks and the need to reassure guests that hotels can still provide a safe environment. As properties begin to reopen, a critical factor to consider will be the revising of services and amenities to ensure that guests can once again feel secure in their surroundings by minimizing the presence of touchpoints that may potentially represent a germ exposure threat.

While already becoming a mainstream service offered to guests in markets around the world, Mobile Access technology has experienced an even greater rate of adoption due to the contactless and social distancing abilities that it can provide. Allowing guests to check-in remotely to avoid coming into close contact with others at the front desk and sidestepping the need to use physical keycards as a means of room entry, Mobile Access is able to provide each guest with a safer hotel experience from the moment that they arrive to when they check-out.

In this guide, you will discover why properties and major hotel brands are making Mobile Access technologies a central part of their enhanced cleanliness programs to safeguard the health of guests. You will also learn how the presence of a Mobile Access solution can serve as a constant visible reminder to guests that their safety remains a top priority, providing them with the confidence that they seek to return to your hotel business.

Additional information also included:

  • How Mobile Access can protect guest health while simultaneously address demands for enhanced convenience.
  • The latest statistics on how the presence of Mobile Access can influence the guest booking decision.