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Selecting the best hotel staff safety solution

Hospitality providers face the challenge of creating a safe and secure environment for their staff. Employees continue to experience an increasingly unsafe work environment due to the unpredictability of guest behavior. Unfortunately, this can lead to hotel staff being exposed to the risk of sexual harassment and other unwanted behavior on a routine basis. 

This development has resulted in local governments requiring the mandatory presence of staff safety solutions in hotels within parts of the US, and the industry expects this trend to continue expanding nationwide. Industry professionals can assume that similar legislation soon will reach the rest of the world as more regions come to terms with the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of hotel staff.


The hospitality industry is in need of an employee safety device capable of fully meeting today’s staff security needs and addressing legal obligations. Hoteliers must educate themselves on what new technologies are available to address this challenge and what a complete staff safety solution should look like to ensure compliance. 

In this guide, you will learn how to select a solution for your hotel operations that meets the requirements. 

What's inside:

  • The importance of a hotel employee safety device
  • How a staff safety solution works
  • How to meet regulation demands
  • Staff training
  • Operation and maintenance

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